Amrita Love : A glimpse into the best of times

by ashwinia

When a couple of phone calls took me down the memory lane I knew what today was going to be. Happy. It was happiness the intensity of which only the shrillness of my voice can express. Not mere words on this post. But I’m going to try.

The start to my day was wonderful. It was a conversation that couldn’t have got dreamier or more meaningful or more fun. It took me back to a long ago weekend when the hugest challenge ahead was to grab a pizza, manage a quick moment on the beach-side, return a rented vehicle and catch a bus all in half an hour, as a consequence of sleep thatcool outlasted its time. It took me back to times when nothing was more delighting than a successful wave-dive to catch a smiley-ball and maniacal water-splashing targeted at one person. It took me back to the times when we the roads resounded to ‘ALICE ALICE WHO THE FUCK IS ALICE’ and when the car reverberated to ‘Give me everything tonight’ and to the special ones when we danced quietly to ‘Angel’ and ‘Time of my life’. Reminiscing about all of this, I was happy these things chose to happen to me. I decided to plan a couple of them for the year ahead.

Work, in spite of its abundance, has been interesting the last couple of weeks. But a day of work that begins with a familiar but persisting error and some unreasonable erratic behavior exhibited by your code is far from pleasurable. Alternate words of pleading and swearing flow out often in conversations with the wretched monitor. But when an interrupting phone call from one of your girls makes you relive a gist of your four favorite years in just fifteen minutes and recreate all the fun, it just beats the shit out of the frustration and leaves you giggling with your monitor for no apparent reason. The conversation, its substance, the narratives, the tone, the laughter and all the fun – it was all exactly like it used to be almost every single day of those years. And that I was sipping my routine cup of tea through and after the conversation felt like a continuation of our everyday night-canteen-tea times in Amrita’ girls hostel’ best corner – the night canteen’s balcony. Even the error didn’t attempt to sully my mood after that.The excitement post a couple of messages of good news I received from certain friends, ate up the evening. I decided this was the happiest day ever. And to add it to it, it was Friday evening. I was leaving office and all the work to hurry into the weekend that awaited, still feeling chirpy. Just when I thought day couldn’t have gotten better, my phone beeped, its Whatsapp tone. It was another of my girls. She had sent me at least ten pictures from college, ones that I had never seen before. Each of them reminded me of the some of the best of times and brought along a familiar feeling of carefreeness, love and jubilation that was characteristic of those days.

Today was a happy day. I wish I could give you a hug and squeal to you through my screen to show you how genuinely happy I am.