Philosopher’s romance

by ashwinia

Emma: That man is a prickle that pokes till you want to break it. He’s like a mosquito that pushes you till you swat it to death.

Aon:  What if he doesn’t actually exist?

Emma: What?

Aon: What if this is all non-existent and you just don’t know it yet?

Emma: Seriously, What?

Aon: What if you’re imagining him and his antics. What if I didn’t exist? What if this conversation isn’t happening? What if you just think it is?

Emma: Am I living in a world of annoying mosquitoes?

Aon: I’m serious…

Emma: About your baseless concept of unrealism? My eyes can see you Aon. Doesn’t that prove enough?

Aon: What if that’s an incredible delusory film your mind’s playing for you? What if only the self exists and nothing else does.

Emma: What IS your DAMN point?

Aon:  Disillusionment could happen. It could all end abruptly; leaving no residue, like nothing never happened in the first place.

Emma: The POINT Aon?

Aon: If it happened now, your last hour would have been one that saw day-dreams of you swatting a pesky man. Or two. Not so grand, in my opinion.

Emma: And yours would be listening to mosquito swatting dreams. You actually expect me to live life basing it on this crap?

Aon: It could be real.

Emma: Alright. Then you expect me to live life basing it on that teeny tiny possibility, despite abundant evidence I see all-around to reiterate to me that this IS crap?

Aon: It isn’t as tiny as it seems. You’d want to thank me someday. But by then I’d cease to exist. I’d have disappeared with the reverie. Your pesky colleague would have, everyone, everything; leaving you angry at having hallucinated all along. That would be tragic.

Emma: Nobody can ever validate your theory

Aon: In the unpredictability and the risk, lies the thrill.  *smiles stupidly*

Emma: *sigh*

Aon:  Let me take you out on a date. That’s a grander end to your world don’t you think, if my prediction were to materialize that is? *winks*

Emma: Really, WHAT? Did you just ask me out?

Aon: Asking to take you on a date is synonymous to asking you out, yes.

Emma: This has got to be the weirdest way I’ve been asked out, ever. And the creepiest.

Aon: I take that as a yes.

Emma: And what if your distorted creepy idea was true? Which would effectively mean the date isn’t real.

Aon: Then this would be the best of all my dreams and hallucinations.

Emma cannot stifle her smile

Solipsism is is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. It holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure. The external world and other minds cannot be known, and might not exist outside the mind. Read More