despite 377

Melting hailstones drop on my skirt; the cold stings my skin. Seated on the sidewalk, I weep, I weep. Aashriya and I and many such are now officially extinct. Or “nauseatingly aberrant”. My beliefs, my life, all my work have been bundled in rags and burnt into the sky. We’re just residual ash and we’d fly away into nonexistence soon…….. They think.

Can love so desirous, so tender be anything but genuine? They wouldn’t know. My love is like a hurricane. There’s no law, there’s nothing it cannot devastate.

I will love you Aashriya, I will, despite all they say.

This is a post dedicated to all those Indians whose feelings have been declared unnatural and illicit by the 2014 Supreme Court ruling upholding Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.