by ashwinia

You had someone;
You believed you had the world.
At some point, you found yourself past its expiration;
you created self-instilled resilience,
and arose from the wreck.
You saw a world wider than you had imagined,
deeper than you could fathom.
You realized your life had been but a morsel
of an addictive pickle,
in an elaborate meal of unending choices.
You reckoned it had been a merely a detour
from your preordained course.
Infinity began to take a new significance;
freedom kissed you with its minty breath.
You saw a world waiting to take you in,
to add you to its infinity,
to inhale your laughter,
to take you on an expedition
and to show you all its love.
You found someone.
You looked into his eyes;
you saw genuineness, not the green.
You dove in.
In him, you unearthed a deep
deeper than any in the vast limitless expanse around.
You found meaning comparable to none
among the countless perspectives you had stumbled across,
in your travel to exotic towns in search.
Infinity began to take a new significance,
and in a sense you never thought could happen.
You realized the life you had thought was boundless,
had fences you lived within, throughout.
It had been an act, a staged act.
You had lived by the rules,
to please, to be accepted.
You had been looking elsewhere all the time;
All you needed was all the while,
in those green eyes- waiting to show you
a life beyond the ordinary,
magic that doesn't die,
and love that only intensifies.
That’s when the realization dawned on you.
There is no absolute;
Just multiple truths and numerous realities.
Each, containing within itself and beyond,
its own infinitude.
We all have got to find one of these or more;
to love, get lost in and die for;
For it’s this intricacy that justifies all the madness,
and makes this life worth living.

multiple truths