Can you hear me

by ashwinia

to my uncle

Did you have a secret?
Was it more than one?
Information, someone said
was eternal.
I can not not wonder:
in a realization of this sonder,
did you to take away some
back to where you came from.
Did you want something 
to keep 
in a corner, tucked under your heart
through this protracted hour of sleep;
Is that for me to figure?
Or is it something for you,
only for you?

What's a locked safe
without a key?
You've left us a maze
A mystery to face;
a code to decipher;
a cavern to uncover.
I pry and try
to dig out the unknowns,
to resolve this labyrinthe;
for you left us jagged corners
of an incomplete world.
What do we do
when your disappearing act
shrouds us in black?

Can you hear me
and the voices within?
Will you listen
as I whisper to you
all that I forgot to?
Will you ease into a nap
as I sing a lullaby,
patting your hair, closing each gap?
Will you confide in me, where you went
I'll keep it with me like it was meant
Till we reunite
A future day, a later night.
Do you have a last word?
A word for me
only me.
Say it softly
In a susurrrant hush
I'll get the words amidst 
the dissonance.
I'll try to hear
I press, press my ear.
This time I won't mind the mush.

With love.