Catching up with time 2

by ashwinia

I contain within:
a lusting desire abound
to monsterously consume, down
every syllable, nuance and detail,
in the wide world's tale,
till I'm replete, surfeit
when I can't but inhale an
inspiration to crush, subdue
and make area at the fore
for more.
There's much I know naught about.
Do I possess time tho'?
I could create a bottle, I'm told.
But what when the evanescing daylight
takes over the psyche
and the desire darkens 
as the sun sets?
Do I deny my eye lids their download
sole time of union,
when I see a want so amorous?
I give up my desire for another. 
The curtains close;
caressing me into oblivion
and the eye lids into a conjugation .
Till the night rests: new light sears 
the soothing solace of the darkness;
my shut eyes see the blood from the burn-
a vainglorious vermillion.
My desire arises from the sopor,
and I, likewise: groggy and rueful. 
The hour is lost, and irrevokable;
the spirit droops, a wee bit.